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21 Ministerial Regulation
PER. 32/MEN/XII/2008
Procedure For Establishing And Membership Structure Of The Bipartite Cooperation Institution

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22 Ministerial Regulation
PER. 31/MEN/XII/2008
Guideline For Settlement Of Industrial Relation Dispute Through Bipartite Negotiation

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23 Ministerial Regulation
Overseas Apprenticeship Licensing And Organizing Procedure

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24 Ministerial Regulation
PER. 29/MEN/VI/2006
Honorarium/remuneration For The Service Of Conciliator And Reimbursement For Witness And Expert Witness In The Mediation Or Concilication Hearing

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25 Ministerial Regulation
PER. 15/MEN/VII/2005
Working Time And Resting Time In General Mining Sector At Certain Operational Area

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