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18 OF 2017
Protection Of Indonesian Migrant Workers

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2 Year 2004
Industrial Relations Disputes Settlement

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13 Year 2003

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21 Year 2000
Trade Unions

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5 Government Regulation
78 Of 2015

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6 Government Regulation
46 Year 2008
The Amendment Of The Government Regulation Number 8 Year 2005 Concerning The Work System And Organizational Structure Of The Tripartite Cooperation Institution

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7 Presidential Regulation
20 OF 2018
Foreign Workers Utilization

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8 Presidential Regulation
21 OF 2010
Labour Inspection

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9 Ministerial Regulation
18 OF 2018
Social Security For Indonesian Migrant Workers

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10 Ministerial Regulation
10 OF 2018
Foreign Workers Utilization Procedure

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11 Ministerial Regulation
1 OF 2017
Wage Structure And Scale

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12 Ministerial Regulation
21 OF 2016
Decent Living Needs

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13 Ministerial Regulation
20 OF 2016
Procedures For The Imposition Of Administrative Sanctions In Government Regulation Number 78 Of 2015

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14 Ministerial Regulation
7 OF 2016
Service Charge In Hotel Business And Restaurant Business In Hotel

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15 Ministerial Regulation
6 Of 2016
Religious Holiday Allowance For Workers/labourers In Company

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16 Ministerial Regulation
28 OF 2014
Procedures For Making And Legalizing Company Regulations And Making And Registration Of Collective Bargaining Agreement

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17 Ministerial Regulation
Procedure For The Making And Legalization Of The Company Regulations And Procedure For The Making And Registration Of The Collective Labor Agreement

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18 Ministerial Regulation
Information Network Of Labour Inspection With The Grace Of God The Almighty

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19 Ministerial Regulation
PER. 02/MEN/I/2011
Concerning Promotion And Coordination Of The Labour Inspection Implementation

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20 Ministerial Regulation
PER. 11/MEN/VII/2010
Working Time And Resting Time In Fishing Sector At Certain Operational Area

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